Reinventing the Last of My Twenties


There is something about nearing the age of thirty that makes a person begin to question their life choices. Are we doing what we want to be doing? Have we done enough already? We begin to question how we stack up to everyone else. We set goals that we’ve either met or overlooked. We had plans that have been placed on the back burner or we just simply ran out of time to complete. Life seems to move faster the older you get. But what about thirty is so daunting? I’ve been asking myself this as I’ve been examining how my own life stacks up. Then I asked myself, why does it matter? You haven’t cared up until this point and now I must meet some standard placed on me by whom? Myself. No one else is staring me down, pointing a finger, making me answer to myself about what I’ve done or not done. So again, why do it?

Instead, I’m asking myself what I want to do. Who do I want to be? What do I want from my life now? Not back then, not those old goals. Right now, in this very second. The answer is glaringly obvious. I want to be a writer. I want to be self-employed. I want to run my own business. I want to interview smart people about things I do not know. I want to research contemporary issues and find solutions. I want to change the world.

This brought me to my latest venture: A Million Pages of Nonfiction. I have run this website for the last three years as a literary review blog. I have posted countless book reviews and loved interacting with fellow readers. It is time for a change though, and I hope that you will appreciate my new content. Over the course of three months, I will cover current issues such as immigration, elections, border security, etc. as well as literature that correlates to the topic. I will be including interviews, literature reviews, further reading, and my own research and writing over the topic of choice. My first feature will be covering three works of nonfiction over the U.S. and Mexico border as well as interviews with border agents, opinions on the recent immigration crisis, and reactions to media coverage.

I want to thank each of my followers for their continued support and look forward to the future of this blog. I hope my content will promote positive discussion and interest in contemporary issues. I look forward to sharing my experiences and discussing nonfiction with each one of you so that all of us may fly through “A Million Pages.”

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