Book Review Saturday: Murder Games

“This is all a game to you, isn’t it? A sick, perverted, and twisted game that’s only getting started. Are you really going to play every card in the deck? It’s what you want us to think, right?”

This is my first Patterson. In my effort to add another author to my “have read” list I picked up this new release and a day and a half later here we are. I mean a girl has to work right? That was pretty much my only break from this book and I even managed to squeeze in some pages in between the summer rush there. This book is fast and furious with short chapters helping you dive quickly into the race against the clock to save the next victim.

Dr. Dylan Reinhart wrote a book on criminal behavior that happens to be found at a crime scene along with a threat on the cover next to his name. This starts his journey into the discovery of the man behind the murders of several “innocent” people. He is teamed up with NYPD detective Elizabeth Needham who sets an example for all women who want to be taken seriously. They are two very strong, likeable characters that go from crime scene to crime scene trying to prevent The Dealer from striking again. A playing card is left at each scene to hint at his next target. This isn’t a new idea, in fact I just read a Patricia Cornwell with the same context but it didn’t feel overdone or predictable. Reinhart takes a chance and discovers the truth after they get one step ahead. There are a few subplots of interest with the mayor of New York fighting for reelection, Reinhart’s background in the CIA, and the media playing a large role in events.

Patterson has the formula down for an enjoyable reading experience. Short chapters, constant action, and a mystery to be solved make for a good time. I had a bias against this author after being let down by many other popular bestsellers but he has renewed my faith. I understand why so many people are eager to get their hands on his new releases. I may be next in line to jump on the bandwagon.