Book Review Saturday: Beautiful Disaster

“Consider yourself the opposite of a foregone conclusion.”

Contemporary romance novels are my guilty pleasure. I read such heavy material that I need a break, probably more than I give myself. I devoured this one in a day. Like I said, I needed a break. Beautiful Disaster is the first in the Beautiful series with multiple spin-off titles. It’s listed on several sites for books recommended if you enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey, but I would venture to say that fans would be disappointed. This isn’t smut filled with vivid sex scenes, but rather a book about unexpected love.

Abby is the good girl, or so it seems in the beginning. Travis is the bad boy covered in tattoos, that girls long to change. Abby is adamant that Travis will only be a friend, but he has other ideas. There are mixed signals, emotions and circumstances that stand in their way. Abby escaped to this small-town college to run away from her past, but Travis brings all of it back to the surface. He makes money by participating in floating fight rings, while she tries to avoid standing out. After Abby loses a bet to Travis, she is “forced” to stay with him for a month at his apartment. They grow closer, but Abby keeps her guard up and Travis makes some terrible choices. I think we all know where this is headed, but I’ll save you the spoilers. I didn’t care that I knew what was coming. I just enjoyed reading something that took me away for a bit. It made me miss college. I miss the days of only having to study, going out on dates to dive bars and restaurants, getting ready at 10pm to go out on the town, and kissing a boy for the first time. It was really a magical time, but now I’m narrowing in on 30 and it seems like centuries ago. Instead, I curl up with my boyfriend and our puppies, in pajamas that slightly resemble plaid, well before 10 o’clock because that is past my bedtime, and read these stories that take me back. Luckily, he’s better than anything a book could have imagined for me. Aren’t our own love stories always better?

A few of my friends and I added this to our book club list. They loved the book! Unfortunately, I have found that discovering similar titles in the contemporary romance genre can be rather difficult. They are dying to get their hands on another book like this one. In the meantime, they have started reading the next title in the series and have fallen for Travis’s side of the story in Walking Disaster. I would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions. Happy Reading!


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