Write About it Wednesday: Book Giveaways

“To open a book, turn its pages, inhale its odor if one is alone- what an exquisite bundle of sensations.”

How many of you have hosted a book giveaway before? I recently hosted one for a new release, The Devil’s Reward. It documents three generations of love, loss, and complicated family memories. I was excited to receive an advanced copy from the publisher and share it with my followers. I am still semi-new to the giveaway world. My hopes are always to gain new followers, connect with people, and learn more marketing techniques. So far, I feel like I’m failing. First, I didn’t love this book. When I’m not engaged, it feels like work. I do book marketing on the side because I enjoy reading. I want to promote authors and help expand the book world. It’s hard to justify the time spent when I don’t feel something for the words. Second, I like to promote authors that don’t see as much traffic but that can be detrimental to my own account. I don’t mind that I may never have thousands of followers, but I want the giveaway to draw more people in to new books they may not have seen before or thought to read. This approach doesn’t always draw in the crowd. Lastly, there always seems to be that one greedy person that takes over your account. We all know the one. The follower to unfollow that tags a million people and then never engages with you again, oh wait! Until your next giveaway, and there they are again. Call me old fashioned, but I still believe in respect and proper etiquette.

The Devil’s Reward is not my cup of tea. It felt like a long-distance relative telling me all her stories, out of order, while her life is moving along in the background. The relationship between mother and daughter is complicated, as most are. The relationship between husband and wife is complicated, as most are. The author just dives into philosophical ideals about life which feel a bit preachy and reflective. I might have enjoyed it if I was a bit older, but right now it just felt like the daughter whined and complained about her life, her daughter engaged only to gain more insight into her thesis and the grandmother was just happy for company. There isn’t much more to say, except that I’m just not in a place in my life where this appealed to me in the slightest.

Are your giveaways a success? How do you promote new books that others may not have heard of? Even if you do not love a book, do you still share your reviews and opinions? Writing is hard work. Even if a book isn’t for me, it doesn’t mean it isn’t for you! I try to share my honest opinions. I hope to hear yours!


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