Write About it Wednesday: Reading Goals

I celebrated an important milestone today: meeting my Goodreads reading challenge. I have read 65 books this year and its only September! I know it may sound like a low number to most fellow book lovers but this is a huge accomplishment for me. Taking time for myself has been a priority this year and reading time is at the forefront. I no longer feel that I’m letting anyone down by taking this time for me. Books are not only entertainment, but they allow me to learn and grow as a person. I have tackled many subjects that I had been longing to research and I’ve grown as a writer. I have been working my way through the Scarpetta series by Patricia Cornwell, tackling a few classics including War and Peace, finding new historical fiction authors and even read my first James Patterson. I spent a whole month researching the Underground Railroad, reading several books on the subject: fiction and nonfiction. I read new young adult authors at the suggestions of my students and ventured back into the world of Twilight. It has been a wonderful year already and I’m excited to see how many more I can manage to read before January.

What are your reading goals this year? Are you on track to meet them?


One thought on “Write About it Wednesday: Reading Goals

  1. Setting yourself reading goals and actually achieving them always is a pretty nice feeling! I set myself the initial goal of reading 50 books because I started the Popsugar Reading Challenge.
    The day I started my blog, I decided to up my goal and I’ve since reached that goal of 80 books as well. Honestly, I never read that many books in such a “short” period, haha.

    As for other reading goals.. I still have to get my physical TBR-pile down to 100 and tackle some of the Popsugar Reading Challenge prompts, but I’m doing my best to get there! [Even though decreasing my TBR that much is probably not going to work out..]

    Fun to read that you reached your goal and enjoyed doing it! 😀


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