Book Review Saturday: Deep Storm

“Because everything, and everyone, in this facility is dispensable- except the drilling. That must continue at all costs. This work is of vital importance, and I will not allow anything or anyone to slow us down.”

Lincoln Child is a new author for me. I was checking in a recent arrival at the library, Full Wolf Moon, and was asked to read it by a patron. I do not like jumping ahead in a series and couldn’t bring myself to read it without reading book one. Deep Storm is unlike anything I have read before. I usually stick to what I know. Boring right? I am a better reader and writer for branching out on this one.

Dr. Peter Crane is notorious for solving bizarre medical conditions. He is called to an oil rig out on the North Atlantic to diagnose several patients with developing symptoms. He does not realize until he arrives that he will be descending below the ocean to a top secret research facility called the Deep Storm. First off, how did Child think of this? I think my imagination is seriously lacking. I have been around oil rigs and would never have thought of a) a dramatic, once in a lifetime discovery or b) an underwater research facility with intense scientific detail that makes the structure come to life. The details in this book seem 100% real. He must have done a tremendous amount of research or it is way past my current knowledge level. Once he descends and becomes acquainted with the medical and research staff, Dr. Crane begins to notice that things are not what they appear to be on Deep Storm. Instead of finding the lost city of Atlantis as he had been led to believe, they are uncovering something much more dangerous. Possibilities that do not seem possible begin to take hold. He finds an ally in which he confides to help solve the mysteries and keep the facility, Earth and the solar system itself, safe from destruction.

This book had my imagination spinning out of control. I do not read sci-fi and I do not typically enjoy thinking past the planet Earth. It’s shallow, I know. I have to admit though that Child has a truly special gift for storytelling. He brings the facility to life with his rich detail. His technique of bringing forth new characters at each chapter from their perspective brought a new life to my reading. Each character would describe their own symptoms and how it was affecting their daily life. Then Dr. Crane would be called to them in the next chapter to see their suffering through a more analytical standpoint. He interweaves everything into a true mystery and you are committed to finding out what the heck is happening in this place. Will they be saved in time? How many more will die? While this is happening the true story behind what lies under the facility is unfolding and the race to find a saboteur. The story is action packed and I truly enjoyed every minute of this book. I can get overwhelmed in my pile of books to read and it was nice to grab one on the recommendation of another person. It grabbed me and brought me out of my comfort zone. Well played Mr. Child.


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