Book Review Friday: Something Blue

“It was love as a verb, as Rachel used to say. Love that made me more patient, more loyal, and stronger. Love that made me feel more complete than I had ever felt in my glamorous, Jimmy Choo filled past.”

Something Blue is the follow up to Something Borrowed, a story of love and lost friendships. This story follows Darcy after her wedding has been called off and she finds herself pregnant with her boyfriend’s baby. When she goes to tell her best friend about the wedding cancellation, she finds her fiancé hiding in her friend’s closet. This is basically a crazy love triangle at its finest. Darcy’s best friend is in love with her former fiancé and Darcy is sleeping with her former fiancés friend aka groomsmen in their cancelled wedding. I wish this was less complicated than it sounds but the story does flow easily. If catching your best friend with your ex fiancé of only a few hours isn’t bad enough, her boyfriend breaks up with her and wants zero involvement with the baby. Left with few options, Darcy takes a leave of absence from her job and leaves for London to stay with a childhood friend.

Darcy spends the first few weeks in London absorbed in shopping and self-pity. Her only plan is to stay with Ethan in his small apartment and daydream of the perfect man coming along. She longs for a night out but meeting Ethan’s friends’ ends up leading to a serious fight about her true nature. “He had said so many mean things, come at me from so many angles, that I was unsure how to defend myself.” She wakes up the next morning feeling her baby kick and decides to write the steps to becoming a better Darcy. As she tackles this list she finds friends, finds out she is having twin boys, begins dating her doctor, and finds out that there is more to life than being pretty and marrying a rich man.

Sometimes life throws you curveballs and you have to reevaluate yourself. I think this is a great story for anyone starting over, or looking for a good read about relationships made over. ***Spoiler Alert*** I do not like when everything works out perfectly though. I’m not sure if this makes me cynical or a realist, but the ending left me wondering how often the happily ever after works out this easily. I would have liked more time spent on Darcy discovering herself, rather than realizing she’s in love and winding up married with her friend and ex fiancé attending the wedding. Life is complicated and messy and literature should reveal that.

Happy Reading!! 


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