The Marriage Plot- I found this on a website that suggested books for Austen fans. I haven’t read a Pulitzer Prize in awhile and I’m excited for another romantic novel.

Those Are Real Bullets- I found this book on a search for an Ireland challenge on Goodreads. I have fairly limited knowledge of Bloody Sunday, or Ireland in general so this will be a great start to the challenge.

Breaking Dawn – The finale to Twilight. This is my second time reading but I’m still not prepared for it to be over.

The Palestine-Israeli Conflict- After reading The Rise of ISIS, I wanted to check into Hamas and the Gaza conflict. I think the Beginner’s Guide is a perfect starting place.

Martha Washington- This is the precursor for another blog that I will be heading up. I have made it through several presidential biographies, but I haven’t read any about the women in their lives.

Captivated by You- I started this series in April and I’m already on book four. I’m not sure why I can’t put them down. I do not even like their controlling, jealous relationship but I have to know how it ends.

The Shadow Queen- This was a suggestion from a friend. I love anything to do with the British throne.

A Rising Man- I am halfway through this mystery novel and obsessed. It takes place during British occupation of India, and I have already started research on this time period. I find everything about it fascinating.

There are big changes coming to A Million Pages this month! Look for Write About it Wednesday, featuring nonfiction reviews and Book Review Friday for my fictional reads.

Also, my contact information, about me, and review policies have been updated!

May is a wonderful month for book lovers!


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