Eighth Grade Bites

“My name is Vladimir Tod, and I am a vampire. He sat back for a moment, examining what he’s written. It had been easier than he’d expected to confess his true nature, so Vlad tightened his grip on the pen and continued to write.”

Vampires are never going out of style. My students are CRAZY for this series. It is no Twilight, but I can see the appeal. Vlad is an out of place 8th grader, who lost his parents in a mysterious fire. He lives with his aunt Nelly who is fully aware he is a vampire but wants him to lead a normal life. He has the typical teen problems when his crush seems interested in his best friend, and the bullies are relentless about his “gothic appearance.” He faces many of the same issues as teens these days including dealing with secrets and their own identity.

After his English teacher disappears he begins to notice some strange things with his substitute. He is teaching the students mythology along with English which leads to Vlad writing an essay from the perspective of a vampire. The substitute knows his secret, and Vlad fears that he may be responsible for his parent’s death. The book is written with an ease that isn’t easily accomplished. I read this in one night, and found it entertaining. I loved the little add-ins such as his lunch snack of Twinkies filled with blood,. The author doesn’t miss any details. I look forward to reading more in this series.


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