Blood, Ink & Fire

Blood, Ink & Fire

“Because readers and books hold a dangerous power. Her eyes light up as she says it. The power to imagine.”

There was so much hype surrounding this book. I thought it had the potential to be the next Hunger Games, or Divergent series with a movie soon to follow. I must admit that it took me a tremendous amount of time to finish reading, and I kept asking myself “I know I enjoy this concept, but is it ever going to end?” Noelle is born into Fell society, but never quite fits in. (Sound familiar?) Before she is stuck in Fell forever, she decides to meet her friend John in another sovereign. Her decision ends up leading to her parent’s death, but sets her on a journey to her future. Noelle is the last reader on Earth. All books have been destroyed, except for the volumes that have been spread across the sovereigns. She must find them all to find the hidden books. She falls in love with Ledger, who has taken over John’s body, and eventually ends up getting into several scares and adventures along the way. After you stick with the story, the ending is a major letdown.

I love the concept of the loss of books. We take knowledge and the ease of access to books for granted. What would happen if they all were burned and we were forbidden, even trained not to read? There are several good quotes throughout the story about the importance of reading and the imagination. I think even the quotes were overdone though, and if I read the line blood, ink or fire one more time I thought I might scream. Overall, I can appreciate an author’s first book and wish her the best on future endeavors but I wanted so much more from this book. 


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