Somewhere in France

“By the summer she’d have found a place for herself in this war. She was certain of it.”

After reading The Last Summer, I was on the hunt for another war romance. I found Somewhere in France, a novel of the Great War. Lilly is born to a life of luxury, her father the Earl of Cumberland, and was not allowed to attend school or consider a career. Lilly attends a party before the war breaks out and runs into her brother’s best friend, Robbie, and is drawn back into the hopeful wishes of her youth. As the men go off to war, Lilly longs to find a way to contribute to the cause. She goes to her country home to learn to drive (without her parent’s consent) which leads to her finding her true calling in the war. I think this book was pretty predictable, but still entertaining. The romance between Lilly and Robbie brings you back to a time when letters were passed back and forth, and love had patience and strength.

I enjoyed learning about women ambulance drivers in the Great War, and the gritty side of war from a woman’s perspective was very enlightening. An interesting detail is Lilly’s employment with the WAAC, the Women’s Auxiliary Corps, which was founded to replace men with women in noncombat roles. I would love to read more about the women who volunteered for these roles, and the author adds several suggestions for further reading.


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