“The impression is made. I don’t want to wait at the doorstep any longer. I want to go dashing off after giants and pixies and dragons.”

It is a coincidence that I began the Sherlock series from BBC at the same time I started this book, but it was in the author’s favor. This reads as a classic detective novel, with a Sherlock Holmes style investigator. Abigail Rook arrives in New Fiddleham in need of work and lodging. She escaped her school duties in order to live a more exciting life, leaving her parents in the dark about her plans. She stumbles across an ad for an investigative assistant and finds the adventure she has been longing for. There is a supernatural twist to the crimes, as her new employer Mr. Jackaby, is a seer (of all things supernatural). It is a quick, fun read full of lively characters and ancient creatures that go bump in the night. I knew the murderer fairly quickly, but the story did not disappoint. I could see this becoming a hot new series, or possibly its own TV show. It was easy to tear myself away from Sherlock on the screen, and dive into Jackaby’s adventure. I believe a visit through Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s work will be added to my growing list of books to read. 


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