Thomas Jefferson : Joyce Appleby

“Coming to terms with Thomas Jefferson is not easy for Americans in the twenty-first century.”

If you read only one book about Thomas Jefferson in your lifetime, don’t choose this one. The quote above is true if you are reliant on the author’s informed but less than appealing recap of history. When I finished this novel, I felt as though I was leaving a five hour long history lecture that used fancy vocabulary to sound superior to everyone listening. I have frequent whims where I am intrigued by a topic and want to learn everything about it. My current Presidential obsession has led to a real interest in history and how it is conveyed. I think we need more unbiased historians providing an experience to the reader that is worth their time. A reader lives through an author’s work, and I would have died of boredom if I wasn’t determined to finish.

I was desperate to love Thomas Jefferson and I chose to read Jon Meacham’s Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power – Review to come!


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