American Sniper

I thought I would share my review to commemorate the new Texas Military Heroes Day! A special thanks to all the veterans.


“My regrets are about the people I couldn’t save – marines, soldiers, my buddies. I still feel their loss. I still ache for my failure to protect them.”

For starters, I was saddened at the amount of people reviewing this book solely to bash American soldiers. Did you even read the book? “Brainwashed, government hating, killer” comments can be taken elsewhere. If you feel that way after reading this powerful biography then you felt that way before you read it. Save us all some time.

American Sniper is a thorough account of Chris Kyle’s life before and throughout his military career. He leaves nothing uncovered, even bearing his often troubled family life for the world to share. I thought it was a very true account of what it must be like when faced with deployment from the husband and wife perspective. Chris was a rodeo cowboy, a fighter, a man who loved his country. He placed his duty above all else. We walk through his deployments, his losses, his kills and I felt his emotion and sense of duty. The novel is written in a very down to Earth, readable approach. As a fellow Texan, I can relate to many of his references and enjoyed the background information on his weapons, his intro into the SEALS and where his life was going to lead after he ended his deployments. The tragedies of war are seen across news headlines, but as I read and heard the names of each man lost there is a much deeper sense of reality of what we as Americans lose each and every day when we are fighting for our freedoms. 



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