“Every choice is a world made new for the chosen.”

I’ve wanted to pick up this novel since finishing The Poisonwood Bible and finally had the opportunity when I spotted it at my local library. I must warn you, I am a major Kingsolver fan. We both have Biology degrees and a reflective interest in nature. I’m just missing the farm in the Appalachians and a few (maybe more than a few) bestselling novels to catch up with this magnificent woman. This novel intertwines the lives of three people living in the Appalachians, each with their own compelling differences and hardships. Deanna is isolated atop a mountain as she works in the forest and has a love affair with a hunter. This storyline stood out for me. I wanted more from Lusa and Garnett, the other two alternating characters. Lusa is a strong-willed widow trying to make it on a farm without a man to support her. Garnett, also a widow, is working on a chestnut tree venture while learning to cope with an annoying neighbor. As soon as I finished this book, I had what many would call a “book hangover.” I wanted more! I learned so much from the nature aspect of this novel that I found myself researching coyotes and moths and wondering what happened to each character as if I could look them up and give them a ring. This is what I want out of every book, if only I were so lucky.


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