“You might be able to correct the weaknesses of the flesh, but you can never mend a heart that’s broken the way yours is!”

Ticker surprised me. I’d never heard of steam punk literature and I’m not ashamed to admit that I had to Google it two chapters into this read. This form of science fiction/fantasy involves a lot of machinery. It was unexpected and unlike the science fiction novels I grew up with. At times, I was leery of all the machinery and new vocabulary. I just had to give in and immerse myself into this new world. And about five to six chapters in, I was sold. The story line is wonderful. There is a mixture of romance, mystery, intrigue; all the makings of a quick and fulfilling read. The main character Penelope finds herself in a whirlwind of predicaments including bombings, kidnappings, gambling and a serial killer of sorts. I hope there will be a sequel in the future so I can walk back into the world that Mantchev created and see what has unfolded for Penelope.


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