Spy 2

“But war did not pause for a woman to collect herself, but forged ahead, relentlessly.”

This novel centers on Sophie Kent, a woman torn between her beliefs, family and friends while the Civil War rages on around her. A strong female lead, she chooses a life of spying for the Union over her Richmond roots. Her mother was from the North and shared their ideals until her death while Sophie’s father was serving for the South. As Sophie forges ahead and provides valuable information through a network led by Elizabeth VanLewshe runs into several choices that ultimately affect those that she loves the most.

Several characters are introduced in this novel that cause the story to become a bit drawn out.  However, several affect the overall outcome of Sophie’s story. Two such characters, Daphne & Bella along with Bella’s husband Abraham draw the reader into the lives of the slaves, their views of the war and their fight for freedom. The different points of view create an interesting dialogue.

As a lover of historical fiction, I enjoyed the time period and the main plot of this novel surrounding the spy ring. I thought it was far fetched how conveniently everything worked out and how all the characters were always in the right place at the right time. The addition of Sophie’s sister towards the end did tie all the characters back together. I think the story read more like a TV series than a novel but overall it kept me interested. 


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