Thieving Forest

Thieving Forest: Martha Conway

“What if you do what you think is right, for yourself or someone else, but it doesn’t make a difference?”

Susanna Quiner, one of six siblings living in nineteenth century America, watches as her four older sisters are stolen away by a group of Potawatomi Indians. Through the eyes of each girl, Conway unfolds an authentic account of the dangers of frontier life and the choices you have to make to survive. Throughout Susanna’s distressing journey to find her sisters, you experience her emotional and individual growth apart from the sisters she always felt her future bound to. This novel was so well researched I felt as if I was watching Susanna face these obstacles as I stood beside her and felt her pain and anxiety at each step. As a lover of historical fiction, I was pleasantly surprised by this novel and I turned the last page not wanting it to end.


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